Phil Beastall | Lewis Capaldi ‘Someone You Loved’

So we see the surname and we can’t resist googling: is Lewis related to Peter? Very distantly, it turns out, yes. But that doesn’t diminish the surprise of seeing Dr Who / Malcolm Tucker standing on a rural train platform at the start of Phil Beastall’s promo for the younger Capaldi’s single.

Peter Capaldi’s extraordinary face – like a rugged landscape across which clouds are briefly banished by sun – is the essence of kindness pared into severity by grief. His profile, betopped by incongruous grey curls, eyes us beadily before dismissing us again; mind turning inward and hearing only what his ear buds feed into him.

What unfolds from there is a classic story of love, loss, and life. The story switches between Capaldi – and his memories as he embarks on a journey into the unknown – and a small family unit: mum, dad, plus their young daughter. The parents are admiring a drawing the girl is making; the scene is cosily domestic. They seem almost to radiate an aura of grace as they exchange glances which suggest they are aware of life from a different perspective.

The subdued colour palette, the chiaroscuro lighting and the way the characters are filmed in close-up create an intimacy that we can’t help but feel part of.

But the reveal towards the end – the moment when we realise what his journey is for – has an unexpectedly authentic power that makes us catch our breath. Whether we predicted something similar or not, it’s powerfully portrayed and the final scene, back where we came in, is as much about peace as it is about loneliness.

Kudos to the young Scottish singer for his desire to make a video that is more than simply a vehicle for the music. We don’t doubt that the organisation this story revolves around – UK organ donation charity Live Life, Give Life – will get a massive increase in awareness as a result.


Film Production: Double Agent Ⓦ
Director: Phil Beastall
Producer: Naomi Ayres (Line)
Executive Producer: Alexa Haywood
Cinematographer: Callan Green
Art Department: Alexa Hartle
Wardrobe: Susan Quas-Cohen
Make-Up: Louise Meadows
Colourist: George Kyriacou @ MPC Ⓟ Ⓦ
Actor: Peter Capaldi