Chris Ullens, LeeAnn Womack ‘Hollywood’

Country and western singer Lee Ann Womack’s ‘Hollywood’ tackles a stalling relationship through heartworn lyrics and an unexpectedly moving promo, courtesy of director Chris Ullens and, well, a couple of plastic dolls.

Broken hearts and articulated joints are the order of the day in Ullens’s Californian toy story, as the dolls frequent cheap hotel rooms and take off in a convertible across the desert. Coupled with Womack’s rueful track it’s playtime minus the innocence.

The effect is disarming, and deceptively moving, with Ullens suggesting there is indeed life behind the protagonists’ synthetic eyes. Thanks to some shrewd footage of California in motion in the background, the promo’s sense of place is also hard to resist.

Director: Chris Ullens Ⓟ Ⓦ (Double Agent Ⓦ)
Director’s Agent: Double Agent Ⓦ
Producer: Jade Bogue
Cinematographer: Jamie Durand
Set Design: Kat Joseph
Art Department: Connor Chung / Areeya Bass
Colourist: Jack McGinity @ Cheat