David Reviews: David Wilson joins Riff Raff Films

Riff Raff Films have strengthened their already formidable line-up by signing award-winning promo ace David Wilson.

Since he first arrived on the music video scene, Wilson has worked with acts spanning genres and continents. His eclectic reel features work for Arctic Monkeys, Lady Gaga, and Tame Impala - all of which reflect his ambitious visual style and craftmanship.

But look at that fresh face! How has Wilson climbed the promo ladder so quickly? Straight after graduating from Brighton College of Art, Wilson took his animation nous to London. He joined Blink as a runner and researcher and that's where his film production education really began.

Wilson's talent soon became apparent to those at the top - including a certain Matthew Fone - and his promotion to the directing roster was confirmed.

Got it - so what skills does Wilson bring to the table? His background in animation and illustration means he can bring a heightened quality to his work. Wilson has a knack for fusing live-action and animation with dynamic results. For example, his promo for Royal Blood's 'Out of the Black' sees a gas station robbery turn into an eyeball-popping gorefest...

The lengths some will go for a chocolate bar. That's off the chain, that is. One can't imagine Disney going in for that sort of thing, but for an up-and-coming rock duo eager to raise some pulses, it's bang on the money.

As well as crafting frenetic work like this, Wilson knows how to calibrate his technique. Adopting the soundwave motif from Arctic Monkeys' 'AM' album cover, he converted Alex Turner's flirtatious lyrics into a vibrating spectacle.

Wow, that's like sound waves given illegal substances. Keep it going - what else has Wilson done? His reel isn't short of big acts. Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, David Guetta, Metronomy, Tame Impala... we could go on, but we're starstruck just typing these names. After being named Best Director at the 2015 UK Music Video Awards, Wilson's own star received a sizeable boost.

“Riff Raff have been a much needed fresh burst of energy in the commercial and music videos production landscape... I'm very excited to be a part of their next chapter."

 While Wilson continues to hone his promo expertise, his move to Riff Raff marks a new chapter in his TVC career. He's previously worked for brands such as Ikea, Cadbury, and Beagle Street - and his new employers are keen to share Wilson's talent with the advertising realm more often.

Interesting. This is a big move for Wilson for many reasons, eh? It is, indeed. He's had a long and successful relationship with Blink so it's not a move he's undertaken lightly, but there are new opportunities he's eager to embrace at Riff Raff Films.

Wilson says: "To be joining Riff Raff is a leap across to new territory for me. Riff Raff have been a much-needed, fresh burst of energy in the commercial and music videos production landscape... I'm very excited to be a part of their next chapter."

And it's a reunion with Matthew Fone into the bargain? Yes, and Fone thinks his new signing is ready to push on to the next level: "I've always been a big fan of David's and feel he is a natural fit with Riff Raff's culture in terms of his ideas and visual imagination.

"We feel it is the perfect time for both of us to re-engage with the world of advertising where I think his blend of craft, energy, and aesthetic will be greatly welcomed."