David Reviews: 5* for Short Film 'Clowns' directed by Seb Cardinal

Trust Cardinal Burns to see the funny side of the creepy clown craze. Coulrophobes may want to turn away, but for everyone else, this dark comedy reveals the root cause behind the phenomenon: geezers need excitement.

It’s business as usual until these two jokers pick up Duggs and his brother-in-law, Neil. What begins as a typical night on the prowl - anywhere but Hemel Hempstead - quickly turns into something from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. No more funny business, then.

The in-van chatter is terrific. The gang discuss potential scare spots as if they were choosing a pub for the night. When Neil does suggest the local boozer, the situation gets out of hand with an enjoyably nasty edge. Everyone knows someone who just takes things too far, eh?