David Reviews: Finn Keenan's new promo for Willie J Healey receives 5*

Willie J Healey describes his music as a bit "rock'n'stroll" - and he's just as happy to go with the flow on the promos front. When director Finn Keenan wondered if he'd be up for playing "a pathetic, but very likeable, character who dedicated his life to recording the sound of things that don't make sound" he didn't need asking twice.

Thus Healey's alternative life was created as a professional mute-ician: a man who dedicates his life to nonophonics.

The promo flits between the music and the 'documentary', which follows a day in Healey's life as he goes about his business recording silent objects.

These objects are impressively random and not infrequently abstract; ranging from an abandoned sock to a 'male reflection' and 'human fear'. He has a tape in his van titled 'The Best of Awkward Silences'. His perception of himself is delusional.

It's all toe-curlingly fantastic and Healey commits fully to his role, as they say. 'Awkward Silences: The Compilation' may never top the charts (our mute-ician isn't quite in John Cage's league), but Keenan's clip is definitely a winner.