Promo News: Willie J Healey 'Would You Be' directed by Finn Keenan

Finn Keenan directs a charmingly funny mockumentary for Willie J Healey, in which he tasks Willie with playing “a pathetic but likable character who dedicated his life to recording the sound of things that don’t make sound.” Willie is a "Mute-ician" (someone who specialises in recording nonophonic sound, don't you know).

The video sees Healey run through his recording process with things like "Squashed Pumpkin" and "a nice fence" amongst other hilarious nonophonic objects. With plenty of great visual gags, some brilliant reactions from the general public and Healey committing to his role with an excellent deadpan delivery, this is a real treat.

The whole thing has the look of a VHS tape dusted off after years in the bottom of a charity shop bargain bin, and it's all the better for it.