Shots: Tesla Boy 'Circles'

Ryan Patrick creates another bewitching piece of music-video madness for Tesla Boy.

Following the success of his video for the Russian synthpop band's Nothing, back in March 2016, the MindsEye director has produced another cinematic slice of surreal with the promo for Circles – featuring witty choreography by Denna Thomsen (Sia, Sigur Ros).

So, what does one say to a talking roast chicken? Does one use chopsticks when a Rasputin-lookalike with dancing fingers flicks body parts into your noodle soup? And what to do when your rubber face gets stuck to the table? These and other questions are posed in a film that, despite being seven shades of weird, does actually have a touching blind-date-in-a-Chinese-restaurant narrative.

Here’s Patrick’s own comments on the work: ““The idea for this came from the band referencing Cloud Atlas. I knew I couldn’t do that kind of sci-fi on a budget, but my mind went to the actors playing different roles. For me, the final treatment came from mixing references of the film Holy Motors, Mission Impossible (both of which I love) and Saturday morning cartoons where a character is striving for an inanimate object that always seems to be getting away.”