David Reviews: The Rolling Stone 'Ride 'Em On Down'

This promo for a new track by the Rolling Stones features Kristen Stewart as a woman using her car to burn fuel on meaningless adventures in post apocalypse LA - Mad Maxine, as it were. Not that this is abundantly clear from the get go... the puzzle pieces are there but it's left to the viewer to satisfyingly slot them into place.

Before we've come to recognise the scenario she's facing, Stewart appears merely to be another spoiled lass with a bad attitude... the kind of woman who's been contributing to the Rolling Stones' marketing machine from the very beginning. This adds to the impact of the realisation as it dawns on you.

The new album is going down well with the critics and this promo will surely help to spread the word, providing a remarkable demonstration of the band's relevance even as they head towards the tenth anniversary of their bus passes.