David Reviews: 5* for VW 'Car Karaoke' directed by Peter Lydon

Festive traffic jams are no concern for a musical family in this excellent ad for VW. It's a familiar scene: kids bored in the back, parents equally bored in the front as the cars around them go nowhere. All that's missing is an 'are we nearly there yet?'. That is, until Dad decides to bust out some tunes and take a creative approach to killing time - one the rest of the family soon join in with.

Peter Lydon knows how to coax a tune from his cast - he once turned Hodor from Game of Thrones into a chatterbox, after all. The performances here are terrific, everything from the Dad's sassy head bob to the previously disengaged son in the backseat suddenly singing lead.

Cutting to another family watching the performance from their car - soundless - is another great moment which captures the unself-consciousness of every truly committed car karaoke singer. The choice of music for the acapella performance is inspired, we're only sorry it didn't help propel the Darkness to Christmas number one. Every year...