Creative Review: Barmy but beautiful ads for MailChimp

Surreal advertising is thin on the ground these days, so it’s good to see US email marketing brand MailChimp go all out on the stoned weirdness in this new set of ads from Droga5.

You’ll likely have first heard of MailChimp if you tuned into the immensely popular podcast Serial, where its audio ads appeared at the opening of each episode, and a woman memorably mispronounced the brand’s name. In this set of films, Droga5 has taken the confusion over the name and run with it, producing three short films which all appear like promos for individual movies. These are shown below:

The strange world of these ads has something of TBWA’s classic Skittles ads about it, though at least with those spots you were blasted with branding at the end of the scenes to let you know what you were dealing with.

Here, viewers are simply given a website to follow up on and MailChimp aren’t mentioned at all. It’s a risky tactic to be so oblique these days, but smart audiences also like a bit of intrigue, and these films are so beautifully shot (by directing duo The Sacred Egg) and odd, they are likely to get people talking, and investigating.