David Reviews: 5* for MailChimp 'KaleLimp'

We can imagine vegans will be deeply conflicted by this bizarre ad for email marketing company MailChimp. Now we know where kale really comes from.

These upmarket diners order something called “KaleLimp”. We’re then transported to a swimming pool with some rather unusual patrons: dogs made of kale. Well, we are always told to wash vegetables before consumption.

The production design is terrific. The sight of eyes and teeth poking through greenery is cute and disturbing in equal measure, while the retro score only enhances the dream-like vibe. A kale hound shaking itself dry is rendered in glorious slow-motion. One hair/leaf is all that’s required for the dish.

Save for the logo in the opening and closing shots, no reference is made to the brand or its services. Still, the idea hooks you. We can imagine plenty of viewers bypassing autocorrect and searching for ‘KaleLimp’ straightaway.

It could be inspired by the MailKimp meme, which was spawned from MailChimp’s sponsorship of the ‘Serial’ podcast. The brand evidently likes to poke fun at its off-beat name, and this latest derivation is the most entertaining yet. Now what are the odds of this breed appearing at Crufts?