David Reviews: Pick of the Day: Five stars for 'Anxiety'

This vivid short film marks World Mental Health Day with an eloquent insight into troubled minds. These individuals come from a variety of backgrounds. Whatever their differences, they share a common foe: anxiety.

Directors Lily Rose Thomas and Stephen Isaac-Wilson craft an intimate portrayal of the condition. Handheld interviews are interspersed with lucid snapshots of 24/7 triggers.

Thoughtful set design and prop work convey an inability to switch off - thus, telephone wires constrict and lives are bathed in electric blue.

Canny pacing keeps the viewer on edge, too. Just when we’re taken to the brink, the film takes a breather. The relief is palpable for all involved. During tough times, everyone can do their bit: lending an ear and an open mind is a good start.

While mental health awareness campaigns make positive strides, this is a potent reminder of what many people endure behind closed doors. Heartfelt and optimistic, the film vocalizes anxiety and its coping mechanisms.