LBB: LFB Recruitment Film Shows There's More to Firefighting Than You Think

James Slater has directed a film through BBD Perfect Storm as part of the London Fire Brigade's largest ever recruitment drive. The film focuses on recruiting women and people from BAME backgrounds.

The aim was to show the many different sides to the role of a firefighter showing that it is not all about the frontline and emergency response work;  community engagement and protecting the future dreams and potential of individuals is an equally valued part of the job.

The film portrays a strong emotional connection between the protectee and the protector. 

The first half of the film  establishes the lives of real people within their homes and the second half of the film shows a female firefighter engaging with the families in a series of different scenarios that highlight both the nurturing, prevention and education aspects of the job as well as the more obvious 'hands on' protection role.

"For the film to resonate, everything had to feel relatable," said James. "Wherever possible real couples and families were filmed in their own environment to create as warm and naturalistic a tone as possible. DOP Anne Evelin Lawford really brought out the warm, nostalgic feelings of home, with her natural, textured approach."