David Reviews: Four stars for Kaiser Pemanente: After hours care

Kaiser Permanente: “Tireless” - 60s

Healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente demonstrate their commitment in this measured film. Early rises and working from home are necessary evils for this doctor. After all, his patients rely on him - and he’d rather his efforts weren’t in vain.

It’s a restrained insight into the US clinic’s work ethic. Director Lisa Gunning eschews melodrama or artificial stakes - instead, the protagonist quietly steels himself for the challenges ahead. Compassion and preparation rendered with due care.


Film Production: atSwim Ⓦ

Director: Lisa Gunning (repped in the UK by Black Label Productions Ⓦ)

Producer: Monika Soukup

Executive Producer: David Schiavone

Cinematography: Tami Reiker

Editor: Lisa Gunning / Devon Bradbury (Assistant) @ Whitehouse Post (Los Angeles)

Colourist: The Mill (Los Angeles)

Flame: Pete Mayor