David Reviews: Double Agent clinch three signings

Double Agent have added three more directors to their bespoke roster: Lee J Ford, Martin Swift, and Andy Poyiadgi.

Each member of this trio bring their respective strengths to the Double Agent roster: Lee J Ford has carved a niche with a cinematic reel; Martin Swift delivers scenic work; while Andy Poyiadgi crafts both films and graphic novels.

Read on for more on Double Agent’s fresh blood...


1. Lee J Ford

Once a creative director, Ford is now a full-time director. His agency background ensures an insightful approach to client briefs while his cinematic verve makes him a shrewd pick for brands. Check out this steely Head & Shoulders film to see an example of this.



2. Martin Swift

Known for his sweeping approach, Wigan native Swift has already compiled a strong TVC reel. Double Agent now anticipate more brands enlisting his services. An intrepid director, Swift welcomes outdoor shoots wherever possible - this Volvo commercial uses Highland vistas to draw in the audience.



3. Andy Poyiadgi

Finally, up-and-comer Poyiadgi flits between directing and comic book illustration. Whatever the medium, Poyiadgi brings a light touch and his growing showreel includes ads, promos, and short films, with this Irish Vodafone commercial underlining his playful style.



For more on Double Agent’s roster, contact Kate Elson on 07970 943 464 or partner-in-crime Alexa Haywood on 07932 672 568. You can also email Double Agent via projects@doubleagent.london.