David Reviews: Rodrigo Garcia Saiz Joins Mindseye

Mexican director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz has signed to MindsEye for representation.

It's the first time he's been represented properly in the UK, and theteam at MindsEye couldn't be happier to have snagged his talent for their roster.

Rodrigo began his film career working at Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s production company as a commercial AD, before forming his own Mexico City production company in 2002: Central Films.

During his time as an AD and following his study of film at numerous academic institutions, Rodrigo developed an enviable knack for comedy. The ability to find universality and humour in everyday situations is characteristic of his work - avid readers of DAVID will remember his, ahem, desperately funny commercial for VW back in 2016.

He's also a master of getting the best performance out of a cast, to great effect. This commercial for Mexican beer Tecate features the comedic skills of none other than Sylvester Stallone, who reduces a young man to a pile of jelly with a single, withering glance south of the border.

Part of what has made Rodrigo such a catch for MindsEye isn't just his penchant for comedy, but his ability to shift seamlessly into serious storytelling without a hitch.

His film for an Argentinian organ donation organisation (FATH) in 2015 caused quite a stir online, as it told the story of a loyal dog and the legacy of its owner - and left not a single dry eye in the house.

This outstanding body of work has seen Rodrigo pick up a Cannes Lions for five consecutive years, among numerous other awards. Most recently, in 2016, another commercial for Tecate ('Domestic Violence') won a silver Lion.

Needless to say, MindsEye can't wait to get to work in what will doubtless be a fruitful creative connection.

Rodrigo's reel is now up at MindsEye, so take a look. For more information on him or anyone else on the roster, drop Hughie Phillips a line at hughie@mindseye.london or give them a ring at 020 7636 4100.