David Reviews: 5* for Enterprise 'An American Icon'

A hundred seconds spent in the company of Morgan Heim gives us a real insight into the conservation photographer's life. It's a tribute to director Jay Buim that - despite its brevity - this film never feels rushed. Cinematographer Kyle D Repka manages to capture the beautiful snowy landscapes in a fashion which reminds us that this is Heim's obsession and provides us with a sense that she is a highly capable photographer without us needing to see her work.

And a nod too for the stunning sound design which makes you feel as though it's your foot crunching the snow as Heim makes her way through the Alaskan wilderness in pursuit of the images which will help her protect the animals who live there.

When the digital realm figures out how to distribute advertising without getting on everyone's nerves, we really hope it's films like this that are brought to the fore.