David Reviews: Jacob Hinman Joins Unit9

Jacob Hinmon has joined UNIT9's commercial roster for worldwide representation.

The Portland native has carved out a tidy niche for himself as a director and photographer. Furthermore, his enterprising spirit led him to form his own production company. Having admired UNIT9's "exceptional work" from afar, Hinmon now finds himself right in the thick of it.

How he's made it from Oregon to UNIT9. Hinmon's first taste of the industry was a family affair. His father ran a local advertising agency, and Hinmon Jr cut his teeth shooting client videos. This gave him a valuable insight into the whole agency/film production process.

Useful experience to have. It's put Hinmon in good stead as his reel has continued to grow. As well as possessing good commercial instincts, he's always honing his skills to stay ahead of the competition.

For example, Hinmon shot one-hundred-and-one Vine clips for fast food chain Jack in the Box. Rather than be constrained by the 6" format, he went to town with it.

That's a clever workaround. It gave him the chance to indulge his experimental side - something UNIT9 is always keen to nurture. Even on more traditional projects, Hinmon manages to bring an artful edge.

“Jacob's an incredibly talented and passionate filmmaker. We can't wait to share him with the world. ”

Check out this Nike commercial to see what we mean. Part lifestyle ad, part science lesson, Hinmon's conveys pure exertion with a compelling treatment.

Good work - what do UNIT9 think about their new signing? Creative Partner Michelle Craig says: "Nurturing new talent is something UNIT9 has become well-known for. Jacob's an incredibly talented and passionate filmmaker. We can't wait to share him with the world!"

As for Hinmon? "As we've got to know each other, I've been impressed by the supportive, enthusiastic, and professional nature of their production team. This immediately feels like home to me and I look forward to doing exceptional work together."