David Reviews: E.on 'Epic Journey' directed by Brad Lubin

Ahh... the cupboard under the stairs - convenient dumping ground for everything from gym equipment to Harry Potter. This fun E.on commercial depicts what happens when we let said cupboard get the upper hand.

This chap is forced to navigate a lifetime’s worth of abandoned clothes, sports equipment, and even a lava pool in search of the electricity meter. Good thing E.on have some smart solutions up their sleeve.

The endless cupboard is nicely staged by director Brad Lubin. The absurdity builds as the pair venture further - dodging killer vacuum cleaners and gym balls like a domestic Indiana Jones.

The bearded protagonist has featured in several E.on commercials now, which subtly suggests the energy company is one worth sticking with. As the chirpy employee demonstrates, they’re always looking for bright ideas to help customers in the long run.