David Reviews: Ewen Spencer Joins My Accomplice

Photographer, documentary filmmaker, and all-round culture fiend Ewen Spencer has joined My Accomplice for commercial representation.

Spencer made his name contributing to London magazines such as Sleazenation and The Face. While these titles may be a thing of the past, they allowed Spencer to explore everything from Northern Soul to grime. Having established himself as a subculture doyen, Spencer brings his inquisitive eye to My Accomplice.

Where will I have seen his work? He’s a prolific contributor to the likes of i-D and Dazed, reporting from the frontline of underground music. His Brandy & Coke documentary for Dazed - which charts the history of UK garage - soon made it Channel 4, raising his profile even further.

So many Gucci loafers... that takes me back. It’s Spencer’s speciality. He gives ‘back in the day’ a contemporary jolt, documenting the beats, fashions, and dance moves in vivid, intimate detail - just the kind of authentic work My Accomplice values.

They must think he’s got the right stuff when it comes to commercials, as well. Yes, Spencer's keen to build on his branded reel. Unsurprisngly, he ensures each piece of work is shot in the documentary style.

This ad for Nike’s FootballX range introduces us to the ‘kings’ of Deptford as they work, play, and chill. Spencer picks out the subtle moments that give the everyday a kick.

About time Deptford got its moment in the spotlight. So when can we expect Spencer’s first work with My Accomplice? Right now, actually! Shows how keen they were to get started. He shot two Apple Music ads inspired by their sponsorship of the Brit Awards. Frenetic and relatable, they showcase Spencer’s knack for capturing music lovers mid-flow.

That’s quick off the mark! Can My Accomplice spare a moment to talk about their new recruit? Executive Producer Jamie Clark says: “Ewen brings a unique blend of raw authenticity and cinematography to all aspects of his work, gaining him international respect as a cultural photographer and filmmaker.

“It’s exciting to have the opportunity to work together with Ewen to develop his career further in both long and short form projects."

Spencer must feel he's joining a good gang. Spencer says the timing couldn't be better: “I’ve been in conversation with My Accomplice for some time now while developing my own practice. They’ve been growing and so have I as a director.”