Promo News: Jonwayne 'LIVE from the F**k You' by RUFFMERCY

Apparently one thing that happens to the rappers who don't live in gold houses is being hassled by guys in bars to deliver spontaneous lyrical flows for their girlfriends. Jonwayne has a whole routine about it and now its a video by RUFFMERCY that, in his trademark style, is brilliantly crafted, beautifully executed.

We keep saying this about Russ, but this may be the best thing he's done. He draws you in by creating sinuous words, bubbling out of the dark blue, subtitling the conversation between a pestering guy and polite but reluctant rapper that precedes the track. The rap itself is delivered by a disembodied mouth - totally transfixing. 

"People going to be calling it a lyric video but 'I ain't really seeing it'..." says Russ.