Shots: Superdrug: That Superdrug Feeling

Brave and Familia create a crazy candy-coloured commercial for Superdrug.

Whatever drug the Superdrug is, we want to take it if the effects are anything like their new ad, the first from their partnership with Brave...

For That Superdrug Feeling, director Craig Moore of Familia pulls out all the tricks from the modern music video bag. Big words on screen? Check. Monochrome backgrounds? Check. That B-roll footage of coloured powder exploding that every one from Odeon Cinemas to RuPaul's Drag Race is currently using in their promos? Check.

What makes the ad work, however, is how he brings together all these elements into a hyper-coloured collage of the fun you can have with make-up and styling products, including stop-motion shower gel shots, hundreds and thousands-inspired lipstick, and lots of things in metallics.