David Reviews: 5* for new giffgaff spot

The latest instalment of giffgaff's ongoing campaign reasserts the disruptive brand's position as a provider of freedom. Their customer-led approach has forced its competitors to have a rethink and some of them are starting to echo giffgaff's central proposition. But don't expect the sector's upstart to be put out by this copycat marketing... it's probably what they've been hoping their rivals will do!

The representation of freedom in the new ad is gloriously over the top. Using a mixture of in-camera effects and CGI techniques, a woman is shown hurtling into the sky and beyond as she steps off a diving board and heads up instead of down. Calmly ascending through the outer layers of our planet's atmosphere, she passes the International space Station and the moon before boomeranging around Mars and heading home. Her progress is monitored by her concerned husband, with a little help from the boffins whose lab he gate-crashes.

It's a beautifully tangential approach which suggests giffgaff now have massive confidence that the public understands their special position in this sector. It's likely to resonate too. Customer satisfaction surveys and anecdotal evidence provide plenty of evidence that this is one of the UK's most admired brands.