David Reviews: 4* for 'The Race to Number Ten'

The Green Party have produced a stellar piece of satire in the run up to the snap general election. After last year's 'Childish MPs' broadcast, in which they made a Westminster version of 'The Secret Life of Four Year Olds', it was hard to predict where they'd take their public platform next.

This year's political evisceration takes the form of a retro advert for board game 'The Race to Number Ten'. The spot-on spoof includes jabs at past indiscretions of the reds and blues - campaign bus lies, dodgy numbers, excessive cabinet reshuffles - all delivered in the forcibly jaunty, upbeat tone of a 90s toy commercial.

The production here is excellent, really capturing the slightly fuzzy, oversaturated retro look. The Greens forego outlining policies to aim very clearly at their target demographic: young people who want to change how the political game is played. It's an impressive piece of work - and at short notice, too.