David Reviews: Jeremy Cole is an Accomplice

Known for his music promos, Jeremy Cole is a director with a distinctive visual style which has earned him plenty of industry attention and a slew of accolades.

He got his start in freelance editing and motion GFX design, studying Design and Production at Kingston University before deciding to make the leap into directing. His first film, 2012's 'A Day In The Life Of My Stepdad', is a touching short which mixes fact and animation to tell the story of a stepfather's impact on a young boy.

Cole established himself as a go-to music promo director because of a flair for storytelling which made him a highly effective collaborator for ambitious artists.

His promo for Young Fathers' 'Shame' combines Holly Blakey's unique choreography with mystery, as a beaten young man strides purposefully towards an unknown destination. The narrative is cryptic, and Cole's direction makes it utterly compelling.


The team at My Accomplice are unsurprisingly thrilled to be working with a director already winning awards for work with the likes of Lil Simz and Etta Bond.

Executive Producer Jamie Clark said: "Jeremy challenges himself with every project he does and his work pushes the boundaries with how we both tell and consume stories. He is also a very nice chap!"

Jeremy Cole's reel is up at My Accomplice, so take a look. For more information, get in touch with Kate Elson at kate@agentelson.com or give the Accomplices a ring at 020 7739 8358.