Shots HotShot: UNIT9 Films & TBWA Activate Water for Gatorade

Doug Menezes & Cole Paviour on bringing Gatorade to life in new ad & why they decided to do it all in-camera.

If seeing is believing, then you'll have to watch this Gatorade spot from TBWA\Chiat\Day a few times to fully comprehend how it works. And even then, it might be a struggle.

To promote the brand’s new zero calorie, electrolyte-water, G Active, UNIT9 Films’ director Cole Paviour manipulates the liquid to transform it into a running woman. But what's most impressive about the campaign is the fact that it was all created without any CGI.

We caught up with creative director Doug Menezes and Paviour to discuss how they made the impossible possible, how the product inspired the campaign and how tightly they had to work against the clock.