David Reviews: 5* for KFC: Lunchtime is Coming

Learning lines has been a cinch for Kristian Nairn a.k.a. Hodor from Game of Thrones. Having left the monosyllabic strongman behind in 2016, Nairn has since found alternative employment… behind the KFC counter.

Nairn steels himself for the lunchtime horde - something that would make even White Walkers flinch. The hungry crowd demands “chicken and fries” en masse. Soon, the words have lost all meaning.

The mind can only take so much. As Nairn turns his back on the mayhem, his slurred words gradually become “chicken and rice”. His enlightened reaction is a treat - plus that’s one lunch order sorted.

Director Ben Taylor lovingly replicates Hodor’s last stand. The ad also shows the brand is willing to poke fun at its menu. While fries remain a staple, at least punters now have another side option.