David Reviews: 5* for Spec Films: Keeping Cupid Busy

Cupid has become weary with the modern world in this fascinating spec film for dating site OkCupid. Taking the form of an ageing union guy - married to his job and not ready to quit despite his constant bellyaching - he decries the modern world and the complexity of love in it. Well, sort of.

There are many intriguing touches here, such as an old-fashioned pistol taking the place of a bow and arrow, and Cupid's gravelly griping about the 'free love' sixties. A wish for the old ways - the ink and parchment, star-crossed lovers - is accompanied by a shot of a very modern cherub tattoo: everything here has been meticulously thought out and executed with admirable precision.

Asserting his place in the world (and taking a self-aware shot at the 'fancy equations' which match up dating site users), Cupid considers going on strike... until the sight of a happy family finally makes the old git crack a smile.

This is an American Gods-esque portrait of Cupid: grizzled, grouchy, and jaded, but retaining a quiet, fierce belief in the power of love. We'd happily watch more of this, and we thoroughly recommend a second watch to take in all the details. Inspired work.